Guarantor vs. Co-Applicant

Mortgage Tips Kristin Woolard 21 Apr

  In times of a hot real estate market often family members want to help any way they can to give their loved one an edge. I am regularly asked about whether a direct relative can co-sign to help with qualification. While it’s a wonderful gesture there definitely needs to be careful consideration of the […]

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Ways to Use a Reverse Mortgage

General Kristin Woolard 1 Dec

What are your post-COVID goals?  Is one of them to become a sun-loving snowbird south of the border or in another part of the world?  A reverse mortgage can help you achieve that goal.  Contact me by email at or by phone at 6041-319-6573, and visit us at for more information.  Let us […]

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The Real Estate Market During COVID-19

General Kristin Woolard 11 Jun

Many things in our world have changed permanently and the real estate market is no exception. Shortly after Canada shut down due to the pandemic, interest rates spiked briefly and the Bank of Canada reduced the overnight rate by 150bps to cushion the economic shocks from both COVID-19 and the sharp drop in oil prices. […]

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Good Time for a Financial Exercise Plan

General Kristin Woolard 30 Dec

With 2020 just a day away I realized this is a time most of us reflect on the past year and set new goals for the upcoming year. Many people have resolutions to live healthier and exercise more but how many of us plan for a healthier financial picture? Depending on how good – or […]

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Reverse Mortgages – Trending Now

General Kristin Woolard 24 May

With approximately 1,000 people retiring every day in Canada it’s not surprising that there has been an increased demand for Reverse Mortgages. A Reverse Mortgage can assist people aged 55+ realize their dreams in retirement. Whether they want to travel, help their kids or grand kids or even just supplement their monthly income a Reverse […]

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What Is an Uninsurable Mortgage?

General Kristin Woolard 10 Mar

With the mortgage rule changes in recent years lenders have had to make some adjustments to their rate offerings. There are different tiers and rate pricing based on the following 3 categories: 1) Insured – a mortgage that is insured with mortgage default insurance through one of Canada’s mortgage insurers, CMHC, Genworth or Canada Guaranty. […]

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CMHC Changes to Assist Self-Employed Borrowers

General Kristin Woolard 29 Jul

As a self-employed person myself I was happy to hear that CMHC is willing to make some changes that will make it easier for us to qualify for a mortgage. In an announcement on July 19, 2018 CMHC has said “Self-employed Canadians represent a significant part of the Canadian workforce. These policy changes respond to […]

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Refinancing in 2018

General Kristin Woolard 19 Mar

We are in a rising interest rate environment and it would be wise to consider where you are in your current term and where rates may land at maturity. What are the implications of refinancing now for a better rate?  If you are 3-4 years into a 5-year mortgage term you still have 1-2 years left. […]

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First Time Homebuyer Privileges

General Kristin Woolard 1 Mar

So, you’ve decided to jump into the real estate market – good for you! It will be extremely beneficial to start paying your own mortgage instead of a landlord’s. If this is your first home purchase there are some definite advantages available to you. There is a national program called the Home Buyer Plan where […]

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