“Kristin, It has been a pleasure having you assist my wife and I through the mortgage process. Being first time buyers, we obviously felt a little intimidated with the costs associated with today’s housing market and the fact that we didn’t have much in the way of guidance from anyone. The banks seemed more intent on making a good profit off us with the rates they offered. That’s when we turned to you and are glad that we did. You got us an excellent rate of interest on our mortgage while answering every single question we threw at you without any hesitation or delay. The positive attitude and calm demeanor you bring with your services gave us an assurance that was second to none, the true mark of a professional. I had never crossed paths with mortgage broker before and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Thank you very much for putting us on the right path with our new home.”
R. & N. Chand

“With only 16 days to finalize a mortgage Kristin really had to work for me.  Of course I wanted the best rate, an easy payment structure, tax payments included with as little grief (read work) to me as possible and as I said earlier it had to be fast.  During our first conversation Kristin detailed what she would need from me, employment records, previous mortgage payout amounts, house details, lawyer or notary information and so on.  I quickly went to work getting Kristin what she needed – the thing I appreciated the most is that this was all done via email attachments and faxes.  No time off work to meet, no leaving my office.  When all was said and done, with Kristin preparing her end in advance, the deal closed with 4 days to spare. 

Thanks Kristin for making a typically stressful process stress free.  I will definitely recommend your services to my friends and co-workers.”
J. Auclair

“Hi Kristin, I watched the video that you presented on the Intranet and read the material about private lending and underwrite commercial mortgage and I find it’s very helpful and it’s great to have someone who has rich knowledge like you do in the company to help or to guide other mortgage brokers along the way.  Thank you!”
Kim The Nguyen
Mortgage Agent

“You are hard working, fast, always available to talk.  Diligent, kind and caring.  You are a life saver and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!”
L. Barton

Kristin is one in a million. As a confident woman, she comes across with a very positive outlook to the mortgage business. Her knowledge and patience with me ensured that I received the best advice for a new mortgage. She appears to strive to get the most out of any deal that is out there for you. What a great attitude Kristin has in this world of cynics. Keep on with all your energy and I wish you the best in your career. I would recommend you to anyone who requires mortgage assistance. Thanks for keeping in touch.

N. McLeod

Kristin is helpful, knowledgeable, and definitely on top of everything in the fast-paced world of mortgages, rates, and bank regs. And she’s the most effective communicator I’ve ever come across, keeping us informed every step of the way as our application proceeded. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Linda Baker

Linda Baker

Thanks for all your help with finding us the great new mortgage & LOC. Bettina and I just finished signing all the paperwork with the lawyer today and will be moving in after the weekend. We just wanted to say that even though we are friends you conducted yourself very professionally and made everything painless. We’ve never used a mortgage broker before but will call you first the next time we need a new mortgage. And we’ll definitely recommend you to others. Thanks! Take it easy,”

Justin & Bettina

“We needed a mortgage that had flexible payment options while still getting the best possible rate and Kristin was able to find us the perfect lender for our needs. Our rate is better than just about anyone else I’ve asked and the payment flexibility is great. Kristin couldn’t be friendlier or more helpful.”

M. Kwan

“Kristin is available to answer all my mortgage questions even the ones I think probably sound silly. She takes the time to walk clients through the whole mortgage process. Kristin is extremely accessible, is genuinely enthusiastic about her profession and is more than willing to go that extra mile in helping people obtain a mortgage. Take advantage of her wealth of information. She rocks!!”

Lynne K.

“When our mortgage was up for renewal, I immediately went to Kristin for advice. She was incredibly knowledgable, efficient, patient with my questions, and provided the information we needed and more. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard Kristin say “I love my job”. It shows. She goes the extra mile and does it with a smile.”

Cheryl K.